Vintage Advertising: How to Get Supper Quickly Without Changing Your Gown!

Some compelling marketing from a vintage ad by Marion Gas Company in 1910:

It's easy if you own a Regal gas stove. You can't appreciate the saving in time, temper and money effected by a Regal gas stove until you have used one. It is as great an improvement on a coal stove as the latter is on the old-fashioned fireplace. The Regal is the secret of happy housekeeping. At the touch of a match, it gives an intense heat just where you want it -- instantly controllable. No smoke, no smell, no coal to bring up, no ashes to carry out. No fallen cakes, burnt bread, nor delayed meals. Quick, reliable, and economical. All the Regals have large baking ovens with the heat scientifically distributed. They make baking and roasting a real pleasure. Every Regal is guaranteed for three years. Set up in your kitchen, attached, and ready for use, without extra charge. Prices, $7.50 to $35.

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