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Victorian Fashion Illustration: Lady in Steampunk Style Hussar Jacket from October 1897

Antique black and white fashion illustration from an October 1897 issue of The Delineator. The dressy top-garment here shown elegantly made of velvet and miroir moiré is an Eton jacket or coat fashionably known as the Hussar jacket. It is closely fitted by a center seam, underarm gores and single bust darts and is closed invisibly at the center of the front, where the lower edge is becomingly pointed. The fronts are elaborately trimmed with jet passementerie and the wrists of the coat sleeves are decorated to match. Over the coat sleeves, circular bell sleeves, box-plaited at the top, hang in large flutes and are trimmed with two knife-plaited ruffles of chiffon. Chiffon is also formed in a stylish ruche that is arranged about the flaring Medici collar and secured at the throat with ribbon ties. The felt braid hat is low-crowned and is trimmed with tips, a bird of Paradise aigrette and a silk rosette.

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