Antique Fashion Illustration for Crafts, Collage, Scrapbooking or Graphic Design: An Outdoor Scene

A Victorian family outdoor scene: see below for download link.

This antique colour illustration from 1860 shows a Southern family with three ladies, a girl and little boy, enjoying a stroll along a wooded path in a park. The description of the outfits, from left to right, are as follows:

Fig. 1. -- Tunic dress of gray and black silk; the underskirt has alternate flounces, steel gray and black silk, pinked; the upper skirt is tunic shaped, and trimmed to correspond; the waist is en coeur, with frills of the same, edged by bretelles; the sleeves are flounced to correspond. This style of flounces in alternate colors, black being used with any shade, is much worn the present season. White split straw hat, lined and trimmed with rose de roi.

Fig. 2. -- Dress for an evening gathering; the material grenadine striped with black and violet des Alpes; the skirt has five flounces, set on so as to leave a small heading of the same; ornaments of ribbon, in a style we have given before. The corsage is plain, and draped by the ribbon; a tucker of lace rises above the drapery. Light lace headdress, with violets and violet ribbon.

Fig. 3. -- Dress barége Anglais, white, shaded with emerald green, the trimming is a ribbon of white and green plaited so that the green appears to alternate with the white. White crape hat, covered by black lace; deep crimson roses, set on in black barbes.

Little girl's dress of challais; the mantle of striped summer poplin, approaching it in color; the hood and trimming of Napoleon blue silk. Hat of white split straw, with a single feather.

Little boy. Skirt and open jacket of gray summer poplin. Leghorn hat, with cock's plume.

High-res 8" x 12" @ 300 ppi (1800 x 2850 pixels) JPEG without a watermark can be found here. Lovely as a framed print but can also be used as a cover for a journal or in other graphic design projects.

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