Antique Fashion Illustration for Crafts, Collage, Scrapbooking or Graphic Design: The Promenade

An engraved fashion plate (in full color) from an issue of Godey's Lady's Book in my personal collection. Colours remain bright and vibrant. Suitable as a framed print (perhaps for a sewing or crafts room), a cover for a greeting card or a journal, or even as a background in a design project.

The picture shows a group of five Southern belles taking a promenade in the country, elegantly dressed in styles from the year 1860. The description of the outfits, from left to right, are as follows:

Fig. 1. -- Striped muslin robe, confined at the waist by a sash of green ribbon; on the skirt are three flounces, edged with a scallop.

Fig. 2. -- Dress of barége Anglais, with two narrow flounces on the bottom of the skirt. These flounces are bound with blue silk, and a piping of the same is placed above them. A coatee or a long basquine of the same material as the dress, and trimmed in the same style, is worn with it. The hat is of rough and ready straw, edged with a fall of black lace, and trimmed with blue ribbon, flowers, and black lace.

Fig. 3. -- Dress of pink grenadine; one deep flounce and overskirt to meet the flounce trimmed with a box plaited ribbon; the body is trimmed in the same style. The bonnet is of white crape, trimmed with white roses both outside and in.

Fig. 4. -- Dress of striped crêpe de Suisse. Gored pardessus or coat of black silk, trimmed with fringe, lace, and buttons. Bonnet of coarse straw, trimmed with green ribbon.

Fig. 5. -- The dress is a light summer silk, with six flounces. Wrap of summer poplin. Bonnet of rice straw, trimmed with white ribbon, and pink rose inside.

The figure in the background has on a brow straw hat, and a wrap of white piqué.

High-res 8" x 12.5" @ 300 ppi (1800 x 2850 pixels) JPEG without a watermark can be found here.

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