Vintage Real Photo Postcard (RPPC): 1910 Grete with Daisies in her Hair

These are original, first-generation digital scans of vintage real photo postcards (RPPCs) from my personal collection. The first two photos show a pretty young Edwardian girl with daisy hair ornaments posing first with her right profile presented and then with her left profile presented. A big thank you to James W. who pointed me to her possible real identity, a German actress named Grete Reinwald (1902 - 1983). You can read more of her story here.

After reading her biography and seeing all the pictures of her (some look so drastically different that it is hard to believe that they are of the same person), I began to wonder if I might have other photos of her in my collection. I managed to find one of a young girl all wrapped in gauzy chiffon who looked like she had the same upturned nose and tight-lipped smile - can this be a young Grete as well?

Next, I came across this photo of an older girl - she looks to be in her late teens but there is something of her nose and the ever so slightly puckered mouth that made me think that she might be a more grown-up Grete. What do you think?

I have no idea if all these long-ago photographs are of the indomitable Grete who graced so many postcards but it is a lot of fun to imagine who these young ladies might have been and how they would have lived their lives.

You can download all four of these vintage photos as free high-resolution 3.5” x 5.5” @ 300 ppi JPEGs without a watermark here. Okay for personal or commercial use but NOT for resale or redistribution “as-is.” Please respect my Terms and credit with a link back to this site.

Keywords: 1910-1918, actress, antique, beauty, Belle Époque, daisies, Edwardian, flowers, girl, model, vintage postcard, vintage stock photo, young lady